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5 Deliciously Amazing Best Protein Powders for Women 2018

Best Protein Powders for Women

In this article, we will discuss best protein powders for women.

5 Deliciously Amazing Best Protein Powders for Women 2018

What is the best protein powder for women in 2018?

It is a hard question to answer because the market is replete with choices. Fortunately, we have done all the hard work for your sake and categorized the best types of protein for women in following categories.

  • Best Vegan Protein Shakes
  • Healthy Protein Shakes for Women

3 Popular or Famous Myths About Best Protein Powders for Women

Myth # 1: You Need Protein Supplementation

The first question we need to ask you that did your personal trainer or a sales associate in a pharma/supplement store or your partner tell you about protein. We can say that they tell you that you need protein for __________. (weight loss, weight maintenance or muscle gain) Fill in the blank. It may be possible that they told you about a very special type of protein like whey isolate. It is for your post workout. They may also tell you about casein as a meal replacement protein bar when you go to bed. It will help you throughout the day.

Best Protein Powders for Women

Whether you believe it or not. The first myth is that you need extra protein supplement but you do not need it. At times, you may need extra protein in your diet. It includes when you exercise, weight training, gym and other load activities then you may need it. It is also worthy to note that protein powder price per gram is cheaper than typical sources. The typical sources of protein are chicken, beef, eggs and other food like beans.

Here is a quick link for The 7 Best Protein Bars for Female Runners.

Myth # 2: More is Better

If you consume protein for different reasons than just weight loss and muscle growth is a good thing. However, at some stage, you may get it too much for you. You will not like to harm your body but if you consume it more than enough. Then you will put your body under pressure which is not a good thing. At times, enough is enough. The question arises that how much protein does a woman require per day to grow muscles or lose weight? It depends on your activity level but make sure the amount should not exceed 1 gram per lb. It means 2 grams per kg of your weight.

Note: This amount of protein is suitable for healthy women only who are physically active.

Myth # 3: High Protein Consumption Damages Kidneys or Can Damage Kidneys

The above statement about protein is just a myth. If women are having kidney issues then they should take extra care when they deal with protein in general. They should pay extra attention to deal with protein supplements. Healthy women should not take tension about protein.

We have a review from Pubmed which confirms:

After getting data from observation from epidemiological studies provide evidence that dietary protein intake may lead to progression of renal disease. However, there is no association between protein intake and charge in GFR was found in 1135 women with a normal kidney function. GFR stands for Glomerular Filtration Rate which is the best test to measure your renal function. Later, the authors came to this conclusion that there were no side effects of protein intake. As far as the women are healthy and have normal renal status.

3 Risks You Are Really Exposed to With Protein Powders

The above myths are only myths but you should know about the risk of consuming protein supplements. The below statements are real as we are aware of this famous saying “Knowledge is Power”

Risk # 1: Heavy Metals in Protein Powder

There is a report that shows that there are heavy metals available in several protein shakes. It includes an unsafe level of cadmium, lead and other heavy metals. Therefore, it is necessary to do some research in order to buy the best protein powder for women. To find a heavy metal is a natural thing. But you should not increase the risks by overexposing yourself to these bad things.

Risk # 2: Protein Supplements Can or May Cause Allergies

There is another risk of using protein supplements and it may not work for you. They may cause indigestion, bloating, skin irritation and other allergies. There are two reasons that why is it happening to you. Firstly, there is a chance that you are using a protein supplement of poor quality. Secondly, it is not suitable or does not suit you. We take an example, protein concentrates consist of milk sugar lactose and some people cannot bear them. There are protein isolates which have a low amount of lactose which makes it suitable for intolerant people.

Risk # 3: One in Three Gets Fooled

It is unfortunate that the supplement industry is replete with misleading claims. However, it is not enough and pure stupidity gives rise to the problem. We are talking about those powders which claim a certain amount of protein, content per 100g. In fact, they under-deliver and back out of their promise. There are some others who are worse than that. For example, their sugar and fat content are also misleading the people. The guys at consumer reports found that astonishing 31 percent of protein powders fail their tests. It shows that it is an easy task to get fooled by buying the best protein powders for women. The ratio is 1 in 3.

Two Things You Should Know About Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

There are several high protein diets including Paleo and Atkins which show that they are effective for weight loss. Therefore, if you want to lose weight of a pound or two then you should add extra protein to the diet. You should keep it in mind that you should not exceed the maximum limit of 1g per lb. However, you should be aware of hidden dangers when it comes to protein shakes for weight loss.

#1: Protein Is Protein, But It’s Not Just About That

If you want to understand this point then you have to go through myth # 1. First myth shows that you do not need supplements that is why this point is quite similar to it. Whether you eat 8oz of chicken or portion of isolate protein then you are getting the same amount of protein. If you eat an isolate protein then it will leave you hungry in a matter of moments. If you will eat chicken then you need some time to digest it. What do you think is more beneficial for weight loss? You need the whole diet for this purpose. In order to convey this point, you can also go through how to lose weight by eating more.

#2: When Protein Makes You Fat

When you buy any weight loss protein supplement which also has a nice taste and starts eating it. After a couple of weeks, you come to know that it is putting on weight instead of losing. They are also not the muscles and the mirror will confirm it. You may ask this question “What the hell is going on?” So, there is a chance that you bring a gainer”. We can say that it is a mixture of different proteins in which carbohydrates and fat are available. Athletes use that to gain weight because they are made for it.

We do not want to confuse you with different names including gainer, isolate and concentrate etc. You just need to go through the nutritional values of your protein shake. Does protein powder for women contain carbohydrates or sugar then avoid it so it is an easy task.

Need to Grow Your Muscles?

If you are a female sportsman or athlete and want to increase your muscles then this is for you. If you want to build your muscles and strength then you have to go through body stress while training. After finishing your training, you need a protein powder for women in order to gain weight. At times, it is right and sometimes it is not.

We should not pay attention to what the manufacturers say. The truth is, some of them are using misleading claims. Therefore, there is no special or specific protein supplement for weight gain or weight loss. You need to consume enough protein and also increase the consumption of healthy carbohydrates. The weight depends on many factors, it should be anywhere between 3 to 6 grams per kg of your weight. Therefore, we suggest that you should stick to quality protein, do not go for a fancy jar full of strange ingredients.

Being Pregnant & Taking Protein Supplements: You Must Know

Being pregnant is a hard nut to crack. There are several factors which can weak any women during the time period of pregnancy. Does it make any sense to take an extra protein from the best protein powder for women? Personally, we do not suggest that. We are also not a fan of protein powders for women because of their additional features. It includes silicon dioxide, xantham gum and many other metals. Click here to see the risks of consuming whey powder.

Protein Intake & Breastfeeding: Responsible Moms Should Take Care

If you are breastfeeding a baby then you should be aware of various foods that you cannot eat. If you do not stop eating those foods, you will increase the threat of bringing allergic reactions to the baby. We cannot exclude protein powder supplements in this section. If you are fit enough to work out after having a baby. Then we suggest that you should take quality protein powder for women. If you want to get a better idea then go through these 5 best protein powders for women who are breastfeeding moms.

Top 3 Best Protein Powders for Women in 2018

In this section, we shall discuss the best protein powder for women or females in 2018. It is quite true that any supplement will not be suitable for every person. But you should know about top 3.


#1: BlueBonnet 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder

There are several reasons which are leading this powder in the top of the list. We have consumed it for a while and will continue it if we do not move to another country. The sources of this protein are from grass-fed cows. They are suitable for every tom, dick and harry and they are also hormone free. This protein is available in various flavors including Chocolate, French Vanilla, Strawberry and Natural. It means that you have many choices and you can select one of them according to your wish. BlueBonnet is one of the Protein Powders for women.

BlueBonnet 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder, French Vanilla, 2 Pound
367 Reviews
BlueBonnet 100% Natural Whey Protein Isolate Powder, French Vanilla, 2 Pound
  • Provides fast-acting protein meaning its amino acids are easily and readily available to the body for immediate use
  • Other ingredients: Un-denatured whey protein isolate, natural vanilla flavor, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, MCT oil
  • Free of egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybeans

#2: Designs for Health – PurePaleo Protein Chocolate

This protein or supplement was approved by Chris Kresser. He is well-known in the community of Paleo/Primal community. We have never used this best protein powder for women. People are of the view that it may be staviaish for many of us but it will be what it is. This protein powder comes in two flavors including Chocolate and Vanilla. This product is also very expensive and the products that are costly guarantees quality. At the finish line, you will get what you pay for. PurePaleo is also one of the best Protein Powders for women.

Designs for Health - PurePaleo Protein Chocolate - Pure Beef Collagen Peptides, 810 Grams
140 Reviews
Designs for Health - PurePaleo Protein Chocolate - Pure Beef Collagen Peptides, 810 Grams
  • TRUE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES - This dairy-free formula is the ultimate protein supplement for those on a Paleo diet. Many 'bone broth' proteins are simply collagen added to protein. PurePaleo contains complete proteins and collagen-specific Amino Acids, which may support connective tissue.*
  • 21 GRAMS OF PROTEIN FROM HYDROBEEF - HydroBEEF is over 97% pure protein, packed with branched chain amino acids, which are critical for recovery. This product contains beef from animals raised in Sweden without hormones and is free of any GMO grains, grasses, and ensilage.*
  • BOOST YOUR WORKOUT WITH A NEW TYPE OF PROTEIN - Derived from an infusion process of Grass-Fed Beef and has a Nitrogen Score over 100 (higher than whey) making it very easily digestible and allows the protein to be hydrolyzed into more peptides, resulting in easier absorption and assimilation.*
  • HIGHER STANDARDS. BETTER RESULTS - Designs for Health maintains a strict, no-compromises approach to quality raw material selection. We never cut corners with substandard ingredients. This product is made with non-GMO ingredients, and is gluten, dairy, and hormone free.*
  • OVER 50,000 DOCTORS AGREE - Designs for Health is the physician's choice for top quality professional strength supplements since 1989. Our "Science First" philosophy ensures our products are based on the most recent research and use the highest quality raw ingredients.

#3: Naked Whey

This protein powder holds the third position but most of the people love it. It is because of its simple concept. We can say that people like Naked Whey because it is naked. Here naked stands for reality, we can say that it shows all the ingredients which are listed in it. It is also free of other stuff. There is a quote which says that it 100% grass fed pure Whey protein with zero additives. It lacks sweeteners, flavors, colors and GMO-free. It is also soy free, growth hormone free and gluten free. Naked Whey is also one of the best Protein Powders for women 2017/2018.

NAKED WHEY 5LB #1 Undenatured 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder - US Farms, Bulk, Unflavored - GMO, Soy, and Gluten Free - No Preservatives - Stimulate Muscle Growth - Enhance Recovery - 76 Servings
1651 Reviews
NAKED WHEY 5LB #1 Undenatured 100% Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder - US Farms, Bulk, Unflavored - GMO, Soy, and Gluten Free - No Preservatives - Stimulate Muscle Growth - Enhance Recovery - 76 Servings
  • ONLY ONE INGREDIENT: 100% Grass Fed Pure Whey Protein with zero additives. Naked Whey no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors and is GMO-Free, Growth Hormone Free, Soy Free and Gluten-Free.
  • ALL NATURAL WHEY: Our Grass Fed Whey is sourced from small dairy farms in California to bring you a non-denatured whey packed full of essential amino acids, clean protein and glutathione.
  • MAXIMUM NUTRITION: 25g of Protein, 2g of Sugar, 3g of Carbs, 120 Calories, and 5.9g of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) per serving.
  • COLD PROCESSED: Unlike most whey protein powders, Naked Whey is cold processed to ensure zero contamination from chemical detergents (no acid or bleach), synthetic additives, or heavy metals, and this maintains important naturally occurring growth factors.
  • THE PERFECT WORKOUT PARTNER: Create pre and post workout whey shakes, smoothies and recipes to take your muscle gains and recovery to new heights.

This article is for your help to find the best protein powder for women in 2018. We are hoping that you will get something which is suitable for you and fit your requirements. Additionally, it should not be an artificial powder.

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